Murray County Veterinary Services

344 Duvall Rd
Chatsworth, GA 30705


Bob AsztalosBob Asztalos
Bob set up shop at Murray County Veterinary Services in January 2004.  He is a groomer with 38 years experience, but is also an all-breed handler for show dogs, specializing in terriers and herding breeds.  Bob is originally from Montreal, but lived 38 years in Michigan, 14 years in Florida, and 10 years in California as well.  To the right, he is working on a miniature schnauzer, in progress.  Below you can see some of the more dramatic 'before and after' patients.


Cocker Spaniel
BEFORE                                                                           AFTER
Cocker Spaniel BEFORE   Cocker Spaniel AFTER

Standard Poodle

BEFOREStandard Poodle AFTER                                                                            AFTER
Standard Poodle BEFORE