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 Cattle Websites 

  • University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service This website has LOTS of reliable information on beef, dairy, horse, and small ruminant feeding and management, including information on improving profitability through evaluating your calf crop, feeding practices, mineral supplementation, estrous synchronization, and the National Identification System.  It features back issues of the Livestock Newsletter, show results, and information on youth programs.  Many other universities' Extension Services also have websites, and can easily be found on internet searches.  They are great places for information.
  • Breeds of LivestockCows Resting
    Visit the Oklahoma State University website to checkout pictures and history on breeds of cattle, horses, pigs, and more.
  • Grass Tetany
    This links to a brief article on the UGA Cooperative Extension website.  It describes proper mineral supplementation to minimize the frequency of this condition in your cattle, as well as other management issues that may contribute to the problem.
  • Switching to a 90 day calving season
    Take the headache out of year-round calving.  This links to another article from the Livestock Newsletter, by the UGA Extension Service.  It offers a sample 3 year schedule to transition your herd from year-round calving to a defined calving season.  Don't hesitate to contact us for help as well.
  • Cow-calf herd management calendar
    This UGA Extension Service publication provides a month by month management protocol, for both spring and fall calving season producers.  Or, you can click here for the basic protocol outlined on the MCVS website.
  • Estrous synchronization
    Ever wondered about all the different methods to synchronize your cattle for breeding?  Visit this link to the UGA Extension Service, which describes the hormones available, as well as different protocols.  You can check it out, then contact us to design the best system for your herd.